Banjara Market

Banjara Market, Sector 56, Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, one gets barely a quality time where they can do something which is related to their hobby. Well, I like decorating my sweet little home and I was trying to find someplace which would be affordable and yet different than malls items. Then I came across an article from Vlogit Gurgaon which has everything written about it. Its Banjara Market: Hub Of Home Decor, Sector 56, Gurgaon.

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So let me explain what I saw at the place. So if you are searching how to reach banjara market then its easily written by Vlogit Gurgaon. The moment you will reach the place you will comfortably spot the place on the roadside. The place is opposite to the Jal Vayu Towers. And sometimes I wonder how cool it is for the locals who live nearby. They would just come for a walk and buy these beautiful decorative items.

So the place as the name suggests is run by the group of banjara’s who come to prime locations to sell their stuff. This community particularly belongs to the Rajasthani group and one can tell this by the regional attire of them. Banjara market offers a lot of variety when it comes to home decor. From hanging beautiful mirrors to a large giant flower vase.

They even have very good conditioned furniture such as chairs, tables, recliner chairs and you can get all of this at a good price if you are good at bargaining. Yes, I managed to bargain a few things especially the cute mirrors. I even got the customised products! Yes if you want you can ask them to customise the products on the basis of your taste. I went for the yellowish paint.

To reach banjara market Vlogit Gurgaon wrote a perfect piece which describes point to point how to reach banjara market by metro. So I had zero issues regarding travelling and I would suggest you all gurugrammers to visit the place once.

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