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Banjaras or Nomads are people of diversified ethnicities which are deprived of development and monetary assets. But they are people with extreme passion of hardworking who promote their culture everywhere. They are masters of their art.

Such people at times dwell at a place in good numbers and create a hub of art and crafts. One such marketplace is the Banjara Market in Gurugram city.
Products like Wooden furniture- distressed, painted, polished, they have them all. Metal containers for plants, kitchen, bathroom, and wire baskets in various designs and sizes are also available. Wooden and metal animal figures, platters, bowls, lamps, light fixtures with a vintage look, boxes of metal, wood, wire; mirrors, ornate frames, and metal posters with vintage prints and many more. The list is exhaustive.
e-BanjaraMarket lends, such talented Banjara people, a helping hand by promoting their crafts in the digital world and encourage them to sell their products to a much larger buyers audience.
Now, anyone can visit the Banjara Market. Even transporting the goods is not a problem now.

Our Mission

We are working with the nomads to make them equip with the basic knowledge of the digital world and how they can gain from it. They will learn the processes of running an online business and delivering products to their target audience.

Our Vision

We are focused to bridge the gap between the uneducated/deprived artists and their audience. This would help millions of poor artists sustain and grow happily.

Art is meant to be appreciated and so are the artists.

“The internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”  – Barack Obama

Since traveling to the roadside market and searching products in rough weather conditions, then bargaining on prices and finally carrying the products back home seems much of a task. Everyone wants the products but there is always some hesitation to visit the Banjara Market and therefore, the buyers procrastinate on doing so. And the banjaras somehow are unable to sell to their potential customers. Therefore, coming online was need of the hour to bridge the gap.

40,000+ Interested Customers

40,000+ Interested Customers

Already gained love and interest of thousands of people.

Handmade Perfection

Handmade Perfection

eBanjaraMarket brings to you the finest handcrafted home decor and furniture products made with love.

6 Years of Existence

Banjara Market have been delivering happiness from more than 6 years of its physical presence.

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